Trust Based Relationship In Service Marketing

Oleh : Farida Jasfar

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Pengarang Pertama : Farida Jasfar

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Penerbit : FEB - Usakti

Kota Terbit : Jakarta

Tahun Terbit : 2007

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Subyek : Consumer behavior;Marketing - Management

Kata Kunci : trust, commitment,

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T The purpose of this study was to examine the factors that build consumer trust in company and consumer trust in the salesperson of life insurance industry in Indonesia. This study also seeks to find out the relationship between consumer trust in company, consumer trust in the salesperson and the level of consumer commitment (i.e. affective commitment, normative and continuous commitment) and the role of each consumer commitment as a mediator to consumer behavioral intentions. Lastly this study were also proposed the framework for trust-based relationship in life insurance industry and the concepts of relationship marketing that are more relevant for Indonesia.rnthis study employs the survey method using personal interview as the method for data collection. 680 customers of life insurance companies in Jakarta and its surrounding participated in this study. Data analysis used in this study consists of 2 types, i.e. descriptive analysis which aims to see population characteristics and Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) applied in analyzing Multivariate data analysis technique representing an alliance of both path analysis and factor analysis. An analysis of the data revealed four major findings: First, with the exception of length of relationship, the others important finding is reflected of all factors that build consumer trust in the salesperson such as: similarity, likeability, social and business Contact. Second, all the components of consumer commitment mediated the relationship between consumer trust in company, consumer trust in salesperson and three Ioyalty related dependents variables expressly focused tram consumer perspective on business to consumer relationships. Third, at the level of implementation, questions related to the three components of consumer commitment, such as affective, continuance and nonnative commitments can be included in surveys the life insurance company, so that it can be determined how successful its service marketing program is. In other words, the three components of consumer commitment can be used as a measurement to assess the performance of service marketing activities. As an operational matter, a kind of Commitment Customer Index can be formulated as a supplement to Customer Satisfaction Index to assess the marketing performance of the life insurance company. Fourth, this thesis makes a contribution to the relationship marketing literature because it has provided evidence that consumer trust and consumer commitment construct in a business-customer relationships (B&C relationships} should always focus on the customers point of view. That should lead to a higher probability of customer staying loyal to a certain company.

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