Konservasi lansekap Taman Rekreasi Tangkuban Parahu, Jawa Barat (landscape conservation of Tangkuban Parahu Recreational Park West Java )

Oleh : Aris Purwoko

Info Katalog

Penerbit : FALTL - Usakti

Kota Terbit : Jakarta

Tahun Terbit : 1999

Pembimbing 1 : Isamoe Prasodyo

Subyek : Outdoor recreation - Designs and plans;Conservation - Landscape architecture

Kata Kunci : Tangkuban parahu, Lembang, outdoor recreation.

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1. 2001_TA_SAL_08196010_Halaman-Judul.pdf 1024.39
2. 2001_TA_SAL_08196010_Lembar-Pengesahan.pdf 857.09
3. 2001_TA_SAL_08196010_Bab-1_Pendahuluan.pdf 1109.95
4. 2001_TA_SAL_08196010_Bab-2_Studi-Kepustakaan,-Studi-Banding....pdf 1857.89
5. 2001_TA_SAL_08196010_Bab-3_Identifikasi-Potensi-dan-Kendala....pdf 733.44
6. 2001_TA_SAL_08196010_Bab-4_Program-Pengembangan-Kebutuhan....pdf 687.66
7. 2001_TA_SAL_08196010_Bab-5_Konsep-Perancangan-Lansekap.pdf 1248.17
8. 2001_TA_SAL_08196010_Bab-6_Data-Hasil-Rancangan.pdf 784.79
9. 2001_TA_SAL_08196010_Daftar-Pustaka.pdf 605.26

L Located in Lem bang, Bandung regency, Province of West Java, has a recreation nature forest of Tangkuban Parahu that become a. direction of mountain nature recreation in Tangkuban Parahu mountain stripes. For the beginning, nature forest ofTangkuban Parahu is a conservative area which has main purpose to protect and to conserve natural resources, recently, in the hand of perum perhutani management, the used of forest are added into a natural recreation places, so that every one who visit Tangkuban Parahu know about forest conservation.TI1e landscape planning on a forest conservation area. has scale about 1.5,3 ha,make a create for maximum potential planning by using land, without damaged to the la.rid arid try to take care very problem which may exist in the land use.The potencial of Tangkuban Parahu forest conservation is crater still active, ifsnature, Tangknban Parahu folklore and traditional original custom, and the problem that may be found is who to use contour with bas a relatif slopes and to placed the facilities in to a right place.The design used a hard material which more colaborate with nature, so it the. origin land ex•oreciallvJ with long,_.. life material ' so it's easv-to care to care andetc> soft material which is used is to benefit vegetasi existing as the special characteristic land as the natural space form, changes of outsider space with cretaing planting vegetation pattern, pedestrians pattern and vechiles, follow the natural formwhich is can follow contour form which remain from existing.•. vez.._etaiion.

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