Tunnel hydraulic fracturing evaluation on Ikea-1 well and comparing with conventional hydraulic fracturing calculation

Oleh : Rizky Satrio Putra Sunjaya

Info Katalog

Nomor Panggil : 1218/TP/2020

Penerbit : FTKE - Usakti

Kota Terbit : Jakarta

Tahun Terbit : 2020

Pembimbing 1 : Djoko Sulistyanto

Pembimbing 2 : Hari K. Oetomo

Subyek : Hydraulic engineering

Kata Kunci : tunnel fracturing, permeability, proppant, conglomeratic, productivity index.

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I IKEA-1 well is located in Jabung Field, Jambi province. This wellproduces oil from the Lower Talang Akar Formation - Conglomeratic Formation.Before the IKEA-1 well was opened and produced at the Lower Talang AkarFormation - Conglomeratic, it was planned to stimulate this well using the TunnelFracturing method. This plan was based on a review of many wells that locatedaround IKEA-1 which already been produced in the Talang Akar Formation andhad a low flow rate without well stimulation. In the IKEA-1 well, the permeabilityvalue about 8 mD were obtained at the Lower Talang Akar Formation –Conglomeratic with reservoir pressure around 1824 psi. The pressure value is anestimated value based on Mini Fall-off test during breakdown test and thepermeabilty from GS software logs reading. The purpose of hydraulic fracturingin the IKEA-1 well is to increase the productivity of the well which is based onthe results of the DST (Drill Stem Test) that the well have a good trace of oil andaccumulated as much as around 44.3 barrels of 95-100% oil cut with 40 API. Butin fact, this layer has never been put on a production state because it was pluggedafter perforated and until the upper layer is no longer be able to producesignificantly.Based on these asumption, it was decided to stimulate the well withhydraulic fracturing. The hydraulic fracturing method that will be used in this wellis the Tunnel Fracturing method. Tunnel Fracturing itself is one of the novelmethod that start to widely used in many well in Indonesia. In the TunnelFracturing method, the proppant injected with proppant pulsation technique,which is the injection of proppant is interspersed with the injection of Pad fluid to develop channels as the medium for hydrocarbon fluid to flow within the fracture,and also the amount of proppant that been used is less than that used inConventional Fracturing . There is a special calculation called the CandidateSelective Factor (CSF) to indicate the success of a well stimulated by this method.From the CSF calculations, IKEA-1 well is a good candidate for this method.Based on this, an evaluation of the Tunnel Fracturing is carried out,starting from the data collecting process that will be used, the initial evaluation ofrock properties based on logging interpretation, and the main fracture evaluationwhich includes pre-fracturing test data evaluation, pump requirement calculation,proppant usage and fracturing fluid rheology, Leak Off parameter, evaluation offracture geometry model based on P3D and 2D models followed by evaluation offracturing results which includes the ratio of the fracture permeability value fromthis method with the conventional method, the ratio of flow rate after fracture, andthe increase in productivity index that occurs.As the results, Tunnel fracturing that conducted on IKEA-1 well cause theimprovement in production with productivity index after fracturing is 3.492 Jobased on Cinco-Ley, Samneigo, and Dominiquez method and 3.92 Jo usingMcuire Sikora Method, while if the well were stimulated by conventionalfracturing, it will only increase 2.3 Jo and 2.05 Jo. With Tunnel Fracturing method,the fracture conductivity is 24,787 md.ft with dimensionless fracture conductivityvalue is 5.316, whereas by conventional method, conductivity value is 4,346 md.ftand dimensionless fracture conductivity value is 0.92. From the operational term,the Tunnel Fracturing method only use 66% proppant of the ConventionalFracturing method

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